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EP 97: Chris Rock and the black Oscars Kortney talks about the job Chris Rock did at the 88th Academy Awards and Oscar Robertson hating on Steph Curry

EP 96: It’s Happening to Hilary Clinton Again? Kortney wonders what’s happening to Hilary Clinton and Kyrie’s bedbugs

EP 95: Kanye West Sounds Crazy and Kendrick Lamar is the 2016 Grammys Kortney talks about Kanye’s crazed Twitter rants and asking Mark Zuckerberg for money. Plus Kendrick kills the Grammys

EP 94: Peyton Manning Kissed Papa John Kortney talks about Peyton Manning being a coorporate shill, and super bowl halftime show

EP 93: Stop with O.J. Simpson documentaries Kortney talks about not wanting to see the O.J. Simpson mini series

EP 92: “Too Bad They Dont Make Band-Aids for Feelings” Kortney talks about being all in on Cam Newton and Blake Griffin’s punch

EP 91: Aunt Viv is a hater; Glenn Frey Kortney talks about Aunt Viv hitting Will Smith with that real and Glen Frey’s passing

EP 90: Sean Penn’s Cartel Connections; David Bowie Kortney talks Sean Penn interviewing El Chapo and the passing of David Bowie

EP 89: Johnny Maziel didn’t show up to work (Internal Mic)Kortney talks about Manziel not showing up to work and Bill Cosby being charged with rape

EP 88: And the Winner is Not Columbian Kortney talks Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe snafu and he doesn’t apologize to about Adele 25

EP 87: Walmart Sold One Hundred Burners Kortney talks about Walmart in Missouri selling 100 burner phones and Reviews Coldplay’s new album

EP 86: Kendrick’s Nominated For 11 Grammys Kortney talks about Kendrick Lamar being nominated for 11 Grammys & Kobe Bryant retirement

EP 85: The Competition is Done Kortney talks about the end of the Seattle Comedy Competition & the death of dabbing.

EP 84: Pissed, Ohio State Loss Kortney talks about Ohio State losing to Michigan State & Wonders why the NFL is wearring camouflage

EP 83: Missouri Football Makes Changes Kortney talks about Missouri Football players using their power to make changes the report that meat will give you cancer. He also talks about the hit on Ricardo Lockette of the Seattle Seahawks.

EP 82: Starbucks’ Red Cup Controversy Kortney wonders why people are so charged up by Starbucks’ Rred cups & Aqib Talib’s Eye Gouge (Three Stooges Style)

EP 81: Meat will kill you & Football Really Hurts Kortney talks about the report that meat will give you cancer. He also talks about the hit on Ricardo Lockette of the Seattle Seahawks.

EP 80: Drake’s Hotline Bling Video Kortney talks about Drake’s new Hotline Bling video. He had to do alot of research and found it on digg.com.

EP 79: Michigan’s Football Season Crushed & Seattle Competition Set List Kortney rants about Ohio State not gettting the opportunity to crush Michigan’s season. He also talks about getting in the Seattle Comedy Competition.

EP 79: Paula Dean Dancing With the Stars! & Suckas Playing Draft Kings Kortney talks about finding out that Paula Dean is on Dancing With the Stars, and wonders if she will dance with black people. He also talks about how one day fantasy leagues are for suckas.

EP 77: Will Being LeBron James’ Friend Pay Tristan Thompson & Football Should Have an Age Requirement Kortney talks Tristan Thompson still not haveing a contract. He also thinks football should have an age requirement.

EP 76: Beyoncé and Eddie Vedder Redemption Song, OutKast, and Run The Jewels Kortney talks about the Global Citizens Festival, and the popularity of Run The Jewels

EP 75: Chrissy Teigen Curses Kortney on Twitter & Apple is Running an IPhone Scam Kortney talks about getting cursed by Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, and Apple’s scam.

EP 74: Was Kam Chancellor Happy on Sunday With Seattle Seahawks Loss? Kortney talks about Kam Chancellor holding out, and wonders if he’s happy with a Seahawk loss.

EP 73: Kim Davis Stops Marriage and Goes to Jail; NFL Previews Are Useless & Stand-Up Style Sellouts Again Kortney talks about Kim Davis not wanting to issue mariage licenses to gay people, and explains why NFL Preview shows are useless.

EP 72: Kanye West For President?; RG3 & Washington Football Kortney talks about the MTV Awards, and Kanye West’s annoucement for president. Who should be his running mate?

EP 71: You Need A Fall Guy – Chris Carter; Flakka Kortney talks about Chris Carter speach to NFL rookies, where he told them they needed a fall guy. Flakka is hot on the streets.

EP 70: Pay or Get Punched Out (Geno Smith Style); Participation Trophies Kortney talks about Geno Smith gettign punched by IK Enemkpali. You have to pay people their money.

EP 69: More Donald Trump; Not Dre’s Day, Compton is Useless Kortney reviews the new Dr. Dre Compton Soundtrack, and talks about Donald Trump.

EP 68: Hulk Hogan Racist Sex and Stand-Up Style Showcase Kortney talks about Hulk Hogan’s racists, sex tape controversy. At what point in the tape did it go off the rails?

EP 67: BEEF, Drake vs. Meek Mill; Vince Staples Summertime ’06 Kortney talks about the new Meek Mill diss by Drake. He ends up going long. So it’s split into two podcast. He also reviews Vince Staples’ new album.

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