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Kanye West Yeezus Concert Experience…”A Jesus was There!”


I went to see Kanye West, in Seattle, at his first stop on the Yeezus tour.

Note self: Don’t ever, ever ever ever ever, be the first stop on a tour again.


My Yeezus experience started off late. And by late I mean, the show was supposed to start at 8 o’ clock and the doors didn’t open until 8:30. Kendrick Lamar hit the stage at 10 0′ clock, and Kanye came out at 11:30. The show finally ended at 1:30 am, with me tired and confused. I actually wanted to write about this concert the day after the show, but I couldn’t stay awake. The only way I would have been able to write that night, is if that guy from A Clockwork Orange came to my house, and put clothes pins on my eye lids.


The whole Yeezus experience was confusing, creative, and entertaining. It was basically the personification of what Kanye West is.… Read More

A weekend opening for Dave Chappelle

I got the crazy opportunity to open up for Dave Chappelle for a weekend. I will spare you the details on how it came together. I sure you want to know, but, it’s none of your business. Plus if I tell all 200 of the people that read my website1, one of those people may know…
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I am now on Spotify, check it out

You can now find my newest album on spotify. Just click this link: Listen to, I’m right about This on Spotify. It is also available on the mobile app, so listen and enjoy, and contact me to let me know what you think.   Thanks