Joe Biden Getting Aggressive, because His Boy Obama Got Slapped

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Joe Biden Getting Aggressive, because His Boy Obama Got Slapped

So Joe Biden, went overly agressive dude at the strip club, during the Vice Presidential debate (I’m not sure if it’s actually a Vice Presidential debate, but it sounds right), to try to make up for the way Barack Obama got slapped around by Mitt Romney last week. Now I didn’t watch the Vice Presidential, because I don’t pay attention to the help (Scarface style).1 I did however hear about it via the front page of a newspaper that I didn’t buy.2 Apparently Joe Biden tried to make up for the unemotional egg that Obama dropped in his first debate. And while I understand his motive, I wouldn’t have been able to do it. And I say that based on experience.
I use to have a buddy named Justin that shot hoops at my house when I was a kid. Justin was someone I thought was an overall cool guy, but what I didn’t know is that he was running an elementary scale, breaking bad like Marijuana operation. What I also didn’t know is that Justin owed somebody money, and while we shot hoops one day. Bumpy Johnson came to collect.3 To make a long story short, Justin didn’t have the money, and he ended up getting slapped (Rick James style) in front of his friends. Then Bumpy got in the car and drove off while Justin tried not cry. Now I don’t know if someone thought about stepping in to defend him, but the thought never crossed my mind. Because I have a rule. If my friend is in a one on one confrontation, and he gets slapped open-handed. Then it’s my job to make sure I don’t get slapped next.

1. I always love the dialogue between Tony  and Elvira when they first meet in the Scarface. Tony tries to talk to her and she hits him with the line, “I Dont bl**p the help.” That’s how I feel about any Vice Presidential debate.
2. I’m not the sucker that will admit to buy/stealing a newspaper from someone in my building
3. This was the suburbs, so Bumpy Johnson looked that weird kid in road trip.

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