Month: August 2012

Comedian #BARS

Russell Wilson, to start for the Seattle Seahawks, but should he get the job?

Russell Wilson will start at quarterback, in the Seattle Seahawks’ 3rd preseason game. Because the 3rd preseason game is widely accepted as the “dress rehersal” for the regular season, it’s now obvious that there is a quarterback competition in Seattle. But should there be? Many people are coming out in support of Matt Flynn. “How…
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Terrell Owens great for Seattle, irrelevant for the Seahawks

As a resident in the city of Seattle I can confidently say that Terrell Owens’ arrival to the Seattle Seahawks has created a buzz amongst fans. I have yet to go anywhere without someone asking me, “What do you think about the Seahawks getting Terrell Owens?” My answer is usually a mixture between “I don’t…
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Hating on Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard Will Stop

It’s a match made in heaven that even eHarmony could have figured out. The Hollywood personality finally getting a taste of what Hollywood life is. Dwight Howard and Brooklyn never really seemed right. Now it’s time for the public to stop hating on Dwight Howard. I’m not telling them to stop hating. Rather, I’m saying…
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Notre Dame is ranked 24th…why?

The Notre Dame – not so good at fighting – Irish are ranked in college football’s preseason top 25 poll. When the preseason top 25 NCAA Football Coaches pole came out. I swarmed to it like a locust during the apocalypse. I looked at the list. I digested the list. I nervously scanned the list…
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