Kortney’s Last Show, EP 153: The Falcons Did Falcons Stuff & Kim Kardashian’s Book Club

On this episode of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, talks about why he rather be a Cleveland Brown’s than a Falcons’ fan. He also talks about why John Legend should “RUUUNNN!” (Richard Pryor Style)

Kortney opens the show talking about the recent deal between Warner Brothers and streaming services. That would make Prince’s music available to Spotify and Apple Music.

He talks about the viral video of the kid dancing to Migos, Bad and Boujee, Chrissy Tegan and Kim Kardashian starting a book club (7:10), what the Atlanta Falcons did in the super bowl (12:43), Lady Gaga not going political (21:40), and LeBron James wanting the best for Carmelo Anthony (26:43).

Diabolical Hater: All the Pro Football Hall of Fame voters for not voting in Terrell Owens (38:31).

Quick Hitters: Tiki Barber Gieco commercial, Iran banning American wrestlers, and Derrick Fisher & Kobe Bryant’s high school gets robbed (42:48).


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Kortney Shane Williams

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Kortney Shane Williams is an international touring comedian who honed his skills for 10 years in Seattle Washington. He's opened for Dave Chappelle, Hannibal Buress, David Alan Grier, and has appeared on Laughs TV on Fox, Comedy Time at the Icehouse, and The 206 on NBC. His writing he has been featured on Yahoo and Fox Sports. Kortney's new album, To Whom It Doesn't Concern, is available now. He can also be heard weekly on his podcast, Kortney's Last Show Podcast, which is available on iTunes. Get More from Kortney at: www.KortneyShaneWilliams.com

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