Kortney’s Last Show, EP 144: Beyoncé, Grammy Queen & Don Tony Dungy

On this episode of The Last Show Kortney explains why Tony Dungy is a Don

Kortney opens the show talking about the viral video of a man fighting a Kangaroo to save his dog.

He transitions to talking about Beyoncé getting nominated for everything at the Grammys (7:13), Tony Dungy being a full blown Don (14:48), Jeff Fisher getting fired (18:46), and the Cleveland Browns being a clown show (21:11).

He also talks about the Heisman Trophy presentation (29:30), Catholics vs. Convicts 30 for 30 (35:14), and Quick Hitters (43:23).

Quick Hitters: Seattle Sounders Win, Lane Kiffin has a new job, and Bay Boys 3.


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