Kortney’s Last Show, EP 127: Kanye West’s Genius & Alaska Airlines A+ Service

On this episode of the podcast I discuss my weekend my weekend at Bumbershoot which was fantastic, and my FUNKY trip from Las Vegas.

I open the show talking about all that was my time at Bumbershoot in Seattle (6:13). Special thanks to Emmett Montgomery*

I also discuss Kanye West deconstructed by VOX (10:13), Kanye only wanting multicultural women for Season 4 (17:28), and a have a serious conversation about police violence in America (23:07).

The show gets lighter as I talk about how Alaska Airlines came through big (37:21), the end of over the ear headphones and my FUNKY trip from Las Vegas (47:20).

Diabolical Hater: Lane Kiffin trolling USC #3:14AMLAX (48:55).

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