Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, EP 73: Kim Davis Stops Marriage and Goes to Jail; NFL Previews are Useless & Stand-Up Style Sellout Again

On episode 73 of Kortney’s Last Show Podcast, I open talking about (Stand-Up Style) sellout on Sunday. The show starts with me talking about the Kim Davis story. Basically she doesn’t want gay people to get married. Therefore no one can get married. Not sure if that makes sense, but it’s not supposed to make sense. As a matter of fact if you think it makes sense, I question you.

I also talk about meaningless NFL Preview shows. Why do people what them? What do they mean? They are always wrong.

I review the college football weekend, talk about iHeart Radio, and talk more about (Stand-Up Style).

This week’s diabolical hater is the dudes that got exposed on Ashley Madison.

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