Kanye West, The Most Creative Artist of This Time (All Day Live Brit Awards)

After reading the headline, a lot of people could think I’m out of my mid. However, those people either haven’t been paying attention, or they’re so deadest on the idea that Kanye West is “The Most Hated Man in America” that they refuse to acknowledge the talent.

I may be guilty of being a prisoner of the moment, but this may be the greatest performance I’ve ever seen (Ever, ever ever, ever ever). The only reason I’m not being absolute, is because I need a couple days to let this sink in. I saw the performance for the first time today, and I have to let it breath. If I claim it’s the best, some dude in Boise will send me a clip of Elvis performing Rappers Delight with The Beatles and I have to retract my statement. But that doesn’t change my claim that Kanye West is the most creative artist of this time.

Kanye West reinvents himself every album. The first album was soul, the next album was defiance, then he did auto tune, the last album was rock, and when you thought it was over, he gets Paul McCartney (Sir Paul as they call him in the streets).

I am anticipating the new Kanye West album, after the 4 tracks he has released. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be another classic. Which is going to make a whole lot of people made. in for another classic.



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