Kortney’s Last Show, EP 37: The Legendary Roots Crew Live in Seattle



This podcast is all about The Legendary Roots Crew, and the concert they put on last night. I’ve always said they’re the greatest live band I’ve seen, and last night they were great. They didn’t do a lot a new stuff, which was fine with me.

I also get off on weird tangents as usual. I talk a lot about the opening act, and opening acts that I have seen. I talk about the time I witnessed and act almost get booed out of the building at a Christian concert.

I also go in on DJs. I just don’t get the beat machine guy that somehow has created a fan base of people who long to be annoyed as a source of entertainment.

The longer this guy plays this beat machine @theroots show. The less of a talent I think it is #killthedj #younglegs #theroots

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