Bernard Hopkins shows his age (Therapeutic socks)

I knew Bernard Hopkins was going to lose to Sergey Kovalev as soon as he walked in the ring. Because Bernard was wearing therapeutic socks.

B. Hop was wearing the same socks my grandmother wears
B. Hop was wearing the same socks my grandmother wears

Bernard Hopkins is known for being a boxer that doesn’t seem to age. To think that at the age of 49, a guy had the ability to unify the Light Heavyweight titles is amazing. For years people wondered whether Bernard Hopkins aged. Is he human? Maybe he’s an Alien? Perhaps he runs on Duracell D batteries?

These were all fair assumptions until Saturday night when Hopkins showed up wearing therapeutic socks. They weren’t even athletic socks. Dude was rocking dress socks. It looked like Bernard came to the fight after a wedding. There’s no way you can win a title fight when you’re worried about circulation in your legs.

I’m not going to pick on a man’s age, because Bernard Hopkins is a hell of a fighter. However, it is official. If a man shows up to fight wearing therapeutic dress socks, he’s past his prime.


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