Kortney’s Last Show, EP 23: Shmoney Dance & Kendrick Lamar – i


So this Shmoney dance thing has happened upon me.

I was on YouTube looking for something that had nothing to do with dancing. As a matter of fact I think I was looking for Stand-Up. Next thing you know I click on two suggested videos, and I’m in a Shmoney Dance rabbit hole. I actually saw Elmo doing the Shmoney Dance. Yeah, that Elmo.

So I decided to do a podcast on the Shmoney dance before this thing passes me by.

I also talk about Kendrick Lamar’s new single i, Derek Jeter being overrated, and Bill Simmons of ESPN being suspend for criticizing NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.


Enjoy the podcast and find it on iTunes here: The Last Show Podcast, hosted by Kortney Shane Williams


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