Kortney’s Last Show, EP 18: LeBron Back to Cleveland, a More Interesting Eastern Conference


LeBron James is back in Cleveland. So the whole LeBron watch is over. I glad it’s come to an end, but at the same time the Twitter experience was great. I’ll miss searching Twitter for clues. Trying to figure out if Dan Gilbert was on a plane or what the color pallet was going to be for LeBron website.
I guess it’s time to turn the page and see the effects of decision 2.0. There are a new set of questions surrounding the Eastern Conference. What will happen to the Miami Heat? How much will the Cavaliers improve? Where will Kevin Love go? Who’s going to make the playoffs?
Instead if writing about those things I did a podcast (these fingers don’t type Kornheiser style). Kyle is riding shotgun on the podcast.
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Kortney Shane Williams

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