The Cleveland Cavaliers higher David Blatt . . . This is going to be good!

BlattHire So the Cleveland Cavaliers have hired David Blatt to be their head coach. Who the hell is David Blatt?! I know David Thompson. I know Kyla Pratt. But I don't know David Blatt. As a matter of fact I don't anyone with the last name, Blatt. Which was probably clear when I injected Kyla Pratt into this explanation. But the truth is, If David Blatt wins it doesn't matter what his name is. I do have my suspicions about his capability to be a successful NBA Head Coach. I admit I might be a little less suspicious if I had watched his coaching career, but alas, I don't get the Macabbi Tel Aviv sports package. However, I did hear that he played at Princeton University and that he also runs many elements of "The Princeton Offense," and this does lead me to question how successful he will be in the NBA. Still, we all know that winning, not his philosophy is what matters most. . . . And, if he doesn't win, we know that Dan Gilbert will give him the hook by year's end . . . and maybe one of those spiteful letters written in Comic Sans font.   Kortney Shane Williams Editor-in-Chief of Comedic Prose Follow Kortney Williams on Twitter @kortneyshane

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