Cleveland Cavalier Fan’s Reaction to the 2012 NBA Finals: Part 1

I guess it’s time for the Cleveland Cavalier fan to emerge. Personally I had to give the Cleveland fan inside me some time to recover. I actually started my recovery 3 minutes into the 3rd quarter. When I realized that the Oklahoma City Thunder were intent on putting Kendrick Perkins on the floor, just so they could watch him get his shot get his shot blocked. And when Mike Miller hit his 15th 3-pointer in row, I thought it was a good time to jog 3 miles in hopes of getting some of that pissed off, off of me. If I would have stayed in front of my tube T.V., I would have probably thrown an MGD at it.

Fortunately my low only lasted until the next day. That’s when I got to hear the Championship Rant on the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz and Hock.

Listening to someone gloat about breaking my heart has never made me feel so good.

I’m a big fan of Dan LeBatard and his work. I love his radio and T.V. show, and the best thing he does is the Miami rants.


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